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Philosophy, principles, methodology and team

Our philosophy


We believe in Netarchy, a new paradigm that helps chart a path where agility and collaboration are critical to business success in a connected world, so the organizations of the future need to be more adaptable and team-centered. They will be open platforms designed for speed, agility and adaptability, enabling them to reconcile operational efficiency with exploring new opportunities in the global economy.


Our mission is to help organizations understand the potential of the Netarchy as an engine of innovation and to create agile and collaborative work environments. In this way, we provide companies with the possibility of combining operational excellence with the exploration of new opportunities in the economy of abundance.


Our vision is as bold as it is simple: everyone connected, everyone collaborating and everyone growing. We believe that Netarchy is the way to build the organizations of the future. We develop people via online, with the skills and competencies needed to transform their own organizations and teach others how to do it. We make leadership and innovation everyone’s job.


Our culture is a reflection of our values and our ethics, which drives the way we work with our clients and the quality of the work we produce. Our driving force is motivation and challenge to be more and to help others to be more. We challenge ourselves as we challenge our clients, we are convinced that sharing always creates value.

Our principles

More trust, less control

More purpose, less rhetoric

More collaboration, less competition

More influence, less authority

More innovation, less fear

More community, fewer borders

More transparency, less opacity

More emergency, less planning

More dialogue, less imposition

More Netarchy, less hierarchy

Our methodology

Our Acelera Sprint methodology is an iterative innovation process focused on value creation and organizational priorities. It compresses years of learning into just a few months, accelerating transformation via integrated agile teams, collective innovation as a model of value creation. We emphasize the development of transformational leadership and the adoption of agile methodologies and new ways of doing digital.

logo metodologia acelera sprint

A repeatable innovation process that accelerates the identification of new opportunities and internal innovation, through collaborative platforms and online expert mentoring. The Accelerate Programmes are conducted online in weekly sprints mentored by experts who develop area-specific skills and help translate new collective perspectives into practical decisions and measurable results.

Our team

The team is our key to accelerate the transformation of your company.

Jose Cabrera - Cabrera MC

José Cabrera


Jose is considered by many to be the authority on the Netarchy. His book “Netarchy: Beyond Hierarchy” is a must to understand the changes that are taking place as a consequence of the incorporation of social technologies in our lives; both in personal and professional fields. He has more than thirty years of experience in large multinationals in the IT and telecommunications sector, twenty-five of them as the top executive of Sun Micro systems in Spain and Operations Vice President for EMEA.

Agustín Cuenca


Agustin is an entrepreneur and founder of several companies on the Internet and he is currently the general manager of ASPgems, a company specializing in agile development and online learning platforms such as NeuroK, which is a reference in collaborative learning, focused on motivation and based on the principles of neurodidactics. Agustin brings a lot of knowledge and a extensive experience in new ways of working, network learning. He also brings the skills needed to make business agility a strategic competence of organizations.

Alejandro Cabrera


Ale brings a wide experience in the new ways of digital work. He is passionate about building agile commercial organizations, oriented to the generation of differentiating insights that provide value to their customers. Before joining Cabrera MC, he spent time at Microsoft as director of the sales team for Office 365, Surface, Windows 10 and Cybersecurity, leading the transformation to Cloud models. Prior to that, he spent five years at Google as Google’s sales manager in Madrid and business development in Ireland. Ale, began his career in sales at Cisco Systems.