Accelerate Enterprise


Accelerate your transformation journey and become a digital disruptor

Accelerate the response to disruption

We will help you to adapt the organization to the new reality: people, strategy, structure, culture, processes and business platforms

Shared purpose

It is the starting point for mobilizing people, aligning the organization and overcoming the internal resistance of the corporate immune system.


High-level plan aligned with the strategy to communicate the Why, How and What of the transformation and success metrics.

Acelera Sprint

An iterative innovation process focused on customers, organizational priorities and people that compresses years of learning into just a few months


1st-2nd Week. Purpose, goals, metrics and roadmap.

We will start by establishing where the organization stands in terms of innovation, culture, capabilities, processes, workflow and results and then based on the identified gaps and opportunities establish the purpose, objectives, and metrics of the transformation.


We will articulate a Purpose for Transformation with a clear and inspiring vision of the future status, identifying the most significant opportunities and what we need to do to accelerate strategic and operational changes with specific culture and behavior changes.


We will establish a roadmap to manage the journey and design the transformation effort collectively to create the commitment and energy needed to overcome internal resistance and ensure we move the necessary resources from the past to the future without affecting operational results.

3rd-4th Week. Adaptive leadership and high performance teams

We will learn to lead with the purpose of transformation, shared values and culture, and to trust in the desire and ability of our own people to succeed. We will embed the culture by example through our daily actions and the recognition and support of aligned and innovative behaviors.


We will develop our capabilities as transformational leaders with the confidence and credibility to connect, persuade and convince. It’s about accelerating change by inspiring our employees to be brave, to experiment, to fail, to learn and to move forward.


We will accelerate emerging leadership by empowering your organization’s future leaders, possibly your most valuable employees, developing new competencies, increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of your teams, and providing them with the opportunity to lead your company’s innovation initiatives.

5th-6th Week. The agile organisation as an innovation ecosystem

We’ll see how agility and collaboration are critical to business success in a connected world, and how newly emerging organizations are designed for speed, agility, and adaptability, enabling them to balance operational efficiency with exploring new opportunities in the global economy.


We will learn to see the organization, not as a machine but as an open innovation ecosystem, and accelerate the transformation based on networked autonomous teams, aligned with the strategy and coordinated by an agile and collaborative culture.


We will start slowly and with early victories. Selecting an organizational prototype and accelerating the initiatives already underway to validate that the innovation ecosystem produces the expected results and replicate it in other parts of your organization.

7th-8th Week. Business Design Thinking: Radical Collaboration

We will develop creative confidence as a competence that can be strengthened and nurtured through effort and experience. The best way to gain creative confidence is through action, encouraging creativity within our work environment, taking one step at a time, through experiencing a series of small successes.


We will learn the Design Thinking methodology and work together to generate innovative solutions to the key business challenges, what we can use to accelerate our growth, launch new initiatives and promote a new culture of innovation that anticipates the emerging needs of our clients.


We will learn to detect and take advantage of new innovation opportunities before competitors, to transfer resources, organizational talent, and management focus to new strategic initiatives.

9th-10th Week. Accelerating our strategic initiatives

These weeks will be dedicated to launching MPV’s with innovative and agile solutions to business challenges and we will create an innovation ecosystem capable of anticipating change, adapting to it and providing creative solutions to emerging customer needs. We will do this by applying the new skills we have developed and the adoption of new ways of working in agile and effective autonomous teams.


The goal is to create an innovation map for each organizational area that will serve as a guide for accelerating the strategy based on the adoption of new behaviors and forms of collaborative work. As far as possible, a portfolio of reference collaborative initiatives will be built and validated for further scaling.


We help you access and know first-hand the ecosystems, environments and agents that are detecting market trends and moving towards new transformative business models.

11th-12th Weeks. Execution discipline: Innovation and results.

This week we will look at the discipline of execution as a basis for operational excellence and at the metrics needed to simultaneously achieve the exploitation of current business and the exploration of new opportunities.


We will apply the OKRs methodology to set the goals of the innovation initiatives, so we will have a set of goals and metrics that will allow us to follow the progress and evaluate the translation of what has been learned into concrete operational improvements in the different business lines and functional areas of the company.


Climbing beyond a few pilots is not an easy task; it is at this point that most transformations fail. Leadership needs to be aware that scaling up will require an iterative mindset that incorporates learning throughout the organization to model the new behaviors and mindsets.


A collective innovation experience

This program will teach you how to turn threats into opportunities and disruption into innovation. You will develop your creative confidence to generate compelling value propositions and the skills you need to make business agility a strategic competence.

New technologies and models

Discover the enormous possibilities of exponential technologies and new models of value creation.

Leaders’ community

Develop a community of collaborative leaders who will be ambassadors for new behaviors and ways of doing things in your organization.

Organizational agility

To make organizational agility a strategic competence of the organization, based on the adoption of agile methodologies and Netarchy as a new way of working.

Scalable innovation

A scalable innovation ecosystem and a portfolio of validated innovation initiatives for further scaling.

Practical experience

Practical experience in agile methodologies, design thinking and business lean startup.

Systemic models

New systemic models for change, in order to involve the whole organization in the transformation process.


Weekly online mentored sprints during 5 weeks

We create unique contexts of transformation to encourage professionals and organizations in their challenges of adapting in an agile way to the new reality.

Dynamic Online Sessions

Combining theory with practice and dynamics based on real field experiences and videos

Online Platform

Platform with a simple interface to give continuity to what has been explained through practical activities.

Real Impact

Validated learning and incorporation of the new methodologies and practices on a daily basis.

Weekly learning trip

Online sessions, individual work, collective work and a final review

Each week of content follows a very clear path in order to ease learning. This platform allows participants to learn at their own pace each week, viewing all content, completing activities and engaging in discussions, which takes an average of 4-6 hours per week to complete.

Acelera Session

60 min. session with synthetic and dynamic contents led by our experts via videoconference

Transformation challenge

Individual work (4h/week) on the assigned activities in order to validate the methodologies seen in the resolution of specific business problems


60 min. teamwork to carry out the group activities assigned on the collaborative platform

Sprint review

Weekly 60min. session to review and discuss the week's work and set next week's activities

The Online Acceleration of business development

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