Accelerate Sales


A team capable of creating a winning shopping experience

Sell with insight

Exploring new ways to connect, persuade and collaborate with customers as a team

Build an agile commercial team

Based on Insight Selling, oriented to the generation of insights to lead sales towards the capabilities that differentiate us; and in the process scale-up the learning together.

Develops new skills

Based on the Challenger Sale and the Virtual Sale in an increasingly digital context, where the first thing is the value you provide and how it rewards, a commercial relationship is built.

Accelerate sales

Approach new opportunities and grow, consolidate the new ways of working, the Redarquía and the experimentation as something fundamental to continue growing the sales in team.


1st Week. The new comercial mindset

Our beliefs and attitudes in selling drive our behaviors. We work on those behaviors that we should start, stop and enhance.

Just as when you understand the question you have half the answer already solved, if we know ourselves we have half the way to incorporate the new behaviors that will allow us to capture the great opportunity that the digital transformation represents.

2nd Week. Growing with a modern sales team

We salesmen are action-oriented people. We are more “doers” than “thinkers”, in general. In today’s world this has many advantages. We also have to take time to put our actions in order, act on a minimum plan, iterate, and learn. All this in collaboration with all those who are part of the value chain towards the customer.

We work on building a high-performance team, from recruitment or roles to result-oriented objectives (OKRs).

3rd Week. Connect to a differentiated value proposition

It is fundamental to understand why a value proposition makes a difference. We talked about the fundamental role that the Marketing and Sales tandem plays in the elaboration of “insights“. We went deeper into the tools that help align both departments in their work to close the gap between the company’s value proposal and the customer’s perception of value. Also, we addressed prospecting, one of the areas that costs us the most in sales. It is tedious, it takes time and there are no magic recipes, but there are some tricks.

4th Week. Persuade with the Insights

After connecting with a well-differentiated value proposition, we continue to add insights in the discovery and sales pitch phases to persuade with the winning proposition. We share a simple framework for handling customer objections constructively. We will continue to advance the concept of “insight” and adopt a practical communication framework to inspire clients to action. We will cover the structure of presentations, demonstrations, and pilots.

5th Week. Collaborating to accelerate

As we move forward in the sales process we must be able to generate value for the customer while co-creating with them. This will help us to differentiate ourselves and to be able to defend the value of our services and solutions. We share a series of practices that will facilitate this collaboration and cover the “basics” of negotiation in terms of making it multidimensional and being creative in the concessions to speed up the closing.

6th Week. Continue growing in a culture of success.

Once we have negotiated and closed the deal, what comes next? Is the sales work over? Sales are not a finite game, we will see that they are a rather continuous game in the form of a virtuous circle where we must ensure that our differentiated value proposal comes to fruition in the form of the benefits it promised. The implementation and adoption of our solutions must be accompanied by adequate change management, often the reason for project failure. We learn through both internal and external feedback and thus generate the improvements and insights necessary to generate more business, ultimately a culture of continuous success.


A reset to embrace new team methodologies, have a common language, and accelerate sales once and for all.

It improves commercials’ commitment to sales, and to the learning of everyone.

Evaluate your team

A pit stop to evaluate how your team is doing against the best sales organizations through our culture survey.

Generate insights

A renewed purpose in which innovation is part of the sales culture through the generation of insights.

Common language

A common language, new ways of doing things, and critical skills to improve daily choices and compete in the new digital economy.

Sales as an iterative process

An agile culture reflected in seeing the sale as an iterative process where it brings value for each advance.

Provide value to your customers

Meaningful social selling based on a strong personal brand and helping to communicate how the company brings value to customers.

Dynamic and practical programme

A program that is easy to fit, practical, and of which 85% of the participants value very positively the online format and dynamism.


Weekly online mentored Sprint for 5 weeks

We create unique contexts of transformation to encourage professionals and organizations in their challenges of adapting in an agile way to the new reality.

Dynamic Online Sessions

Combining theory with practice and dynamics based on real field experiences and videos

Online Platform

Platform with a simple interface to give continuity to what has been explained through practical activities.

Real Impact

Validated learning and incorporation of the new methodologies and practices on a daily basis.

Weekly learning trip

Online sessions, individual work, collective work and final review

Each week of content follows a very clear path to ease learning. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, viewing the content, completing activities and participating in debates, which takes an average of 4-6 hours per week to complete.

Acelera Session

60 min. session with synthetic and dynamic contents led by our experts via videoconference

Transformation challenge

Individual work (4h/week) on the assigned activities in order to validate the methodologies seen in the resolution of specific business problems


60 min. teamwork to carry out the group activities assigned on the collaborative platform

Sprint review

Weekly 60min. session to review and discuss the week's work and set next week's activities

Client testimonials

From the first moment he manages to challenge the team to put into use the best practices and make the necessary changes to take sales to the next level.

Commercial Director

It helps you to order and reflect on ideas and dynamics related to the current sale that allows you to have an improved approach towards your current, and above all, potential customers.

Marketing Digital CEO

It has helped me to get to know my team better and the way we work, what we have to improve and what we should strive for more.

Exportation Consultant

I loved the course, the content and its dynamism. It has helped me to open my eyes to things that seemed obvious but then were not.

Technology Commercial

I take with me practical tools that have given me enough confidence to rely on them. We have also been able to generate a space to think and rethink the inertia of the team.

Digital Marketing Commercial

I really liked the course, the methodology and dynamics used, the work with colleagues and the ability to share among all our problems and concerns.

Technology Commercial

This is the first time I feel that an activity of this type is useful to me because it really appeals to situations or problems that clearly occur in my environment.

Marketing Director

The Online Acceleration of business development

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